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Looking For America, a “Music VRdeo”

I was wondering how music could be experienced differently with the aid of a VR environment in a way similar to how music can be experienced differently with the aid of film in a Music Video. The experience is a bus ride set to Simon & Garfunkel’s “America”, a song about a bus ride. Gonna […]


GE Neuro – a portal into the human brain, allowing viewers to enter, view, and explore the mind in a brand new way. Debuting the world’s first-ever animated VR neuro experience, GE is bringing viewers into the imagination and brain of accomplished photographer and DJ Reuben Wu, for a journey through Reuben’s neurological responses to […]


This virtual reality development by Suboceana® is based on the dives of April 2013, by the globally renowned diver and naturalist Laurent Ballesta, equipped with a Blancpain® Fifty Fathoms timepiece on his wrist and accompanied by specially trained divers and researchers from the South African Institute for Aquatic Biodiversity (SAIAB). Together with ten scientists from […]

Steampuff VR

Steampuff is a 3d animated web series created by Steelehouse Digital. This demo was made with assets from the show to give fans and newcomers alike a way to experience the unique art style and scale of the world of Steampuff. Enjoy and check out our website and youtube channel for full episodes!

Trip (alpha)

Trip takes you to a world of candy-colored landscapes to explore and enjoy. Starting from inside a cave, you are led to the edge of a cliff looking over the level platforms. With no other option but jump, you then enter into the first stage: the dessert. Here, you are introduced to two major elements of […]

I Expect You To Die

Step into the tuxedo of an elite secret agent and try to survive a series of ever more deadly situations. Complete your mission using your wits and a top secret device that gives you the power of telekinesis. In this episode, you have infiltrated the private airplane of your most dangerous enemy, Dr Zor. Your […]