Oculus Go and Mi VR

Oculus, Xiaomi, and Qualcomm have announced a collaboration for the production of their mobile VR headsets. Both the Oculus Go and the Mi VR Standalone will be produced by Xiaomi on the basis of the Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 SoC. The headsets have to be launched globally but Xiaomi will be serving the Chinese market and […]


Gameplay video's

Time Machine VR.. Safe humanity from an ancient virus!

Time-travelling in VR is super cool! Especially if you can do it seated in a super cool Pod. You’re task is to explore the ancient Jurassic era in search for a deadly virus that lays waste to humanity. In the current time the ice caps are melting and the virus will spread really soon. Go […]


How to create a free virtual credit card for the Oculus Store

A much received complaint about the Oculus Store, is that you can only pay with a credit card. Fortunately, there is a free and easy way to get a credit card number and make purchases via the Oculus Store. The solution is a so-called digital prepaid credit card. There are several parties that offer such […]


Review: Bublcam

360-degree stereographic panorama camera It’s a mouthful for a camera and maybe virtual reality camera or VR camera is a better expression. The Bublcam shoots photos and videos in 360 × 180 degrees for virtually, without a so-called blind spot. This makes the recording suitable to look back with virtual reality glasses such as Google […]




Samsung Gear VR