The Best VR Games of February: Project Demigod, Stranger Things VR and More

February is a beautiful month for VR gamers, as there are many exciting titles to look forward to. Whether you are into action, adventure, horror, or simulation, there is something for everyone in this diverse lineup of VR games. In this article, we will highlight the two most important games of the month, and then […]


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Blue Effect Spooky Shooter HTC Vive Game Play by UKRifter

Blue Effect Spooky Shooter HTC Vive Game Play by UKRifter Subscribe to UKRifter for more great VR content! Related posts: Cosmic Trip VR HTC Vive Gameplay Review by UKRifter Candy Kingdom – enough to drive you doolally – HTC Vive VR Game Play KEEP ON TRUCKIN’ | AMERICAN TRUCK SIMULATOR (Oculus Rift VR Gameplay) LOST […]


How to Create Google Cardboard from a Pizza box

Create your own VR headset from a pizza box The famous virtual reality headset Oculus Rift, will be available next year! A small piece of advance technology, that will change the entertainment industry forever. Do you want a glimpse of what awaits you? Then create your own virtual reality headset from a pizza box! What do […]


Review: New Retro Arcade Neon

A very long time ago, there were no computers, smartphones and game consoles, you had to cycle miles away to play a game in the arcade! In an often somewhat darkened room, only lit by neon lights, you played games like Pacman or a co-op games like Double Dragon with another gamer. You easily made […]




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