The Best VR Games of February: Project Demigod, Stranger Things VR and More

February is a beautiful month for VR gamers, as there are many exciting titles to look forward to. Whether you are into action, adventure, horror, or simulation, there is something for everyone in this diverse lineup of VR games. In this article, we will highlight the two most important games of the month, and then […]


Gameplay video's

VR ON THE TOILET | LOO WAR (Oculus Rift VR Game Play)

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My solution for the tracking issues

I had a lot of contact with Oculus support, but they didn’t seem to find a solution for the tracking issues. I had to search for a solution on my own. One of the problems was caused by placing the sensors on different heights. If one of the three or four sensors is higher than […]


Review: DiRT Rally

It has been quiet around Codemasters Rally games. The last game was released four years ago. To everyone’s surprise DiRT Rally showed up on Steam as an early access game on April of this year. This week Codemasters officially released DiRT Rally 1.0 and we’ve taken the last few weeks to test the game and […]




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