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Mage´s Delight

Mage´s Delight

Mage´s Delight You are a battle-worn mage. Half of your life has been spent on the battlefield for the good of mankind. Many foes painfully witnessed the strength of the magic you casted upon them before they died. But! On the second day of the battle for the drarfen stronghold Iron Guard the inevitable happens. Right in the middle of a fierce fight for the western gate an arrow pierces your heart … and you die.

Mage´s Delight2After a long time in the void of death you open your eyes and find yourself in an old library high atop a mountain range. You stand up and walk over to a lange hole in the ground. A strange mechanism inside the hole catches your attention.

Mage´s Delight3You focus and try to find a way to activate the machine. After some time you understand, that you´re here to activate the machine and fight your path back into life.

Welcome to Mage´s Delight …

Start Game by looking at Mages Delight Logo and pressing Touchpad.

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