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Wingsuit 360° Experience

Take a dive down the cliffs of Stryn in Norway. This 360 video was taken on  22nd of August and if you are afraid of heights I’ll advise you to skip this one. You can watch it on YouTube or with your Oculus Rift using this link: http://kunder.makingview.no/download/vr/youtube/2011_Wingsuit_win64.zip.  

360-degree sci-fi thriller for Cardboard

Roddenberry Entertainment, the media group that also started Star Trek, is gearing up to release a new 360-degree interactive film for Google Cardboard. The sci-fi movie is named: White Room: 02B3. The movie will be released as an app on August 3 2015, and is specifically made for use with virtual reality. The price will […]


Become the guitarist in this Musical experience with the band Paradise Wave. This 360 video can be watched with your Oculus Rift DK2 or you can download the mp4-file to watch it with your own player in Cardboard or your Samsung Gear VR.   [symple_button color=”red” url=”http://www.panocam3d.com/videos3d360/Musical%20Experience%203D%20360%20-%20panocam3d.com.mp4″ title=”Download” target=”blank” border_radius=””]Download 3D 360 VIDEO[/symple_button] [symple_button color=”red” […]

Red Bull F1 360° Experience.

Red Bull F1 360° Experience. Just use your mouse to move the camera position. It is also possible to download the video file and use with in your Oculus Rift! An amazing experience brought to you by Red Bull Racing! Driver: Sebastien Buemi When: 25th of August, 2012 Where: Rudskogen Motorsenter, Norway Made by: Making […]

Real Roller Coaster Ride in 360 3D!

Experience a roller coaster ride in 360° 3D! The maker doesn’t give any info on the ride itself but it is an amazing and fun experience! You can download the video file and use with your Oculus Rift and VR Player (http://vrplayer.codeplex.com/). We have not tested the software on Cardboard, but it seems likely it […]

Insidious VR

Confront the terror of Insidious like never before in Insidious Chapter 3: Into the Further, a fully immersive, 3D/360° virtual reality experience based on the hit film franchise. Elise Rainier (actress Lin Shaye) acts as your guide to the horrors of the afterlife, as you navigate the Further’s darkest reaches in this chilling VR experience. Insidious […]

Pacific Trail 3D

Featuring narration adapted writings of famed naturalist John Muir, Pacific Trail is a 3D 280° love letter to the Northern California coast. Filmed in Marin, Sonoma, Mendocino, Humboldt & Del Norte counties, this immersive experience takes you past the rugged coastline and deep into the region’s stunning old growth redwood forests. Pacific Trail is available […]