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XR Shooter

Shoot Em Up Game that uses AR and VR technologies to give you a unique game experience. For the AR (Augmented Reality) experience a target marker is required. Ideally to print out and place on your table or shown on a second screen or smart phone, if you want to save some paper. The target […]

Jurassic VR – Google Cardboard

Jurassic VR – Google Cardboard Freely roam the open environment en poke round the beautiful cedar evergreen trees to see huge dinos come to life. You can go to any point and see the sites and dinos in VR. Players get to experience the site at their own pace and the mission is simple; enjoy […]

VRaccoon (Cardboard VR game)

VRaccoon is a first-person arcade game – where you become a raccoon, roaming the flat in search of treats. Your job is to collect pieces of food that are in the air along your way. The game uses interesting navigation: you need to push the ball of wool for flying from room to room. Under […]

Contro VR Game for Cardboard

Contro VR Game is a run and gun power pack game which is designed to be played using Google Cardboard and other VR wearable headsets. It is the first run and gun game developed using VR technology and rays of 3D. There are two modes of playing the game: 1. Acceleration mode – Normal device […]

Horror Shooter – VR Cardboard

Locals told you that you shouldn’t go to the old graveyard at night. Why didn’t you listen to them? Now you are in trouble. Graveyard residents are very bad-mannered, so you better teach them some ethics! You can move freely through VR graveyard, using crossbow as your main weapon. At morning all unholy creatures will […]

Need for Jump (VR game)

Fun platformer VR game in which you need to jump in the real life to jump in the virtual reality! The game contains single and multiplayer VR game modes so you can play with your friends classic “Last touch” game in VR! [appbox googleplay com.farlenkov.jmpr]