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VR Car – Cardboard

Do you want a luxury car ride on roads moving around mountains and sea? Roads going under mountain caves & bridges over sea? Here comes a special VR Car drive for you… experience yourself riding in luxury car driving on roads going around big mountains crosses Light House, filling stations, over-taking different cars on road […]

Real Dinosaur RollerCoaster VR

Real Dinosaur RollerCoaster VR is a free-to-view simulation with an addictive mixture of Real RollerCoaster Simulator ride in between the real dinosaurs. Take a thrilling ride through the mountains, into the trees where dinosaurs are roaming around in the fabulous dream of Virtual World.Real Dinosaur RollerCoaster VR is a free-to-view simulation with an addictive mixture […]

VR Karts:GP (For VR)

The checkered flag is about to drop on a new Virtual Reality racing experience! Get in the drivers’ seat and race against AI opponents in your own customized kart. Race through stunning tracks, collect power ups and use weapons to gain the upper hand over other racers. VR Kart is a fun and approachable Virtual […]

Moto Racer VR

This is an exclusive moto racing game for Google Cardboard. You want to get the feel of motorbike ride? Here we present VR version of Moto Rider. Enjoy the bike racing in Virtual Reality using Google Cardboard glasses.  Free your hands now, just wear the Google glasses and play game. This is a fast paced bike racing game […]

Aquadrome VR

Finals of the extreme motorboat racing championship are in their climax!  Five audacious pilots are ready to fight to the end to win in the hardest water track running through picturesque tropical landscapes and ruins of an ancient city ensepulchered in the flood. The breathtaking dynamics of super powerful motorboats, a variety of sudden and […]

VR StarEludeTrial

The spacecraft will tilt when you tilt your own head. You can move forward while avoiding the looming obstacles. Tilt your head to the left = Dodge to the left, Tilt your head to the right = Dodge to the right. In this game, there is a normal mode and VR mode.

VR Motorbike Demo

You want to get the feeling of a motorbike ride? Then try this virtual reality app. You can drive on the road with high speed. Or do some crazy jumps with your dirt bike. But dont forget to wear your helmet!You need a vr-headset like the Durovis Dive, Cardboard, Refugio3D, VReye GO, Samsung Gear, Stooksy […]