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FlyInside adds Oculus Rift DK2 support to both Flight Simulator X and Prepar3D. Beyond the basics, FlyInside aims to make virtual reality flight simulation a practical, powerful, and enjoyable experience.

FlyInside includes:

  • Asynchronous timewarp — Flight simulators are notorious for their inconsistent and low frame-rates. FlyInside provides a silky smooth experience with its built in asynchronous timewarp.
  • 4k rendering — FlyInside allows extreme super-sampling via 4k rendering. This yields a crystal clear image.
  • In-cockpit Virtual Desktop — Flight simulation is a flexible and customizable experience, and everyone uses their flight simulator differently. FlyInside lets you place virtual windows around you in 3d space, both from the flight simulator, and from your desktop. You can communicate with ATC, view flight-plans, or even browse the web, all without leaving your virtual cockpit.
  • Leap Motion Hand-Tracking — Interact with virtual windows and cockpit buttons using your hands in 3d space.



Developer    FlyInside LLC
Publisher    FlyInside LLC
Release Date    August 29, 2015
Full Game
Supported Rift Versions
DK1, DK2
Supported Controllers
Keyboard, Mouse, Gamepad, Other
Game Modes
Single-Player, Multi-Player



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