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Trip (alpha)

Trip (alpha)

Trip (alpha)3Trip takes you to a world of candy-colored landscapes to explore and enjoy. Starting from inside a cave, you are led to the edge of a cliff looking over the level platforms. With no other option but jump, you then enter into the first stage: the dessert. Here, you are introduced to two major elements of the game: glowing boxes which trigger special attributes in the terrain to aid in your journey (switches), and floating gems (checkpoints) which help you progress by marking the spot where you will next respawn when you fall off from the platforms.

Trip (alpha)2Using basic directional controls and the features of the Oculus Rift, you guide your character along the different seasons and environments that will surely enhance your experience –spring, snow, and space. The end of the course is marked by a final gemstone that shoots to the night sky once it is acquired.
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