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Looking For America, a “Music VRdeo”

Looking For America, a “Music VRdeo”

I was wondering how music could be experienced differently with the aid of a VR environment in a way similar to how music can be experienced differently with the aid of film in a Music Video. The experience is a bus ride set to Simon & Garfunkel’s “America”, a song about a bus ride.

Gonna be honest here, it’s an endlessly looping bus ride, so don’t expect any gameplay. It’s intended to be a relaxing, passive experience.

This is an old demo running SDK 0.4. I’m going to update it straight to 0.8 as soon as I can, but I’m really bogged down with schoolwork so don’t expect an update until at least January 2016.


Developer Numeralien
Release Date January 11, 2015
Supported Rift Versions
DK1, DK2
Supported Controllers
Keyboard, Mouse
Game Modes



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