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The VR game with a ’90s feeling – grab your remote control and race for color spray trophies. A mix between Tilt Brush and Micro Machines. About the game Find yourself in a lovely teenager’s room from the nineties. Somehow all colors of your remote controlled car have been stolen by some nasty color-thief. Your […]

Dating Lessons

Dating Lessons is a VR dating course with a comprehensive program presented by a professional couch teaching dating skills. 12 lectures and 8 practical interactive sessions will give men tools to enhance their power of attraction and develop behavior patterns that women find irresistible. [appbox steam 551780]  

VR Art Gallery

Original gallery was held in Sarajevo (artist is Damir Balic from Sarajevo) and I’ve created this VR presentation for opening day. All the pictures from that gallery are in this VR presentation where you can explore them in space, underwater, cave or post-apocalyptic city. – First level is just for visitors to get used to […]

Hunger in LA

This machinima video shows Hunger in Los Angeles from the viewpoint of a witness/participant who is experiencing the recreation of a real event that unfolded on a hot August day. The situation transpired at the First Unitarian Church on 6th Street in Los Angeles, when the woman running a food bank line is overwhelmed. “There […]

Meso VR

Meso VR is a virtual introduction to the world of the Ancient Maya of Mesoamerica. Current features include a timeline outlining the civilization’s history, and a re-creation of a real archaeological site.   Information Developer Eightfold Category Experience Genres Educational Supported Rift Versions DK2 Supported Controllers Keyboard, Gamepad Game Modes Single-Player  


GE Neuro – a portal into the human brain, allowing viewers to enter, view, and explore the mind in a brand new way. Debuting the world’s first-ever animated VR neuro experience, GE is bringing viewers into the imagination and brain of accomplished photographer and DJ Reuben Wu, for a journey through Reuben’s neurological responses to […]

Ghosts of our Future

We are proud to present Ghosts of our Future, a guided VR experience that lets you live through humanity’s last moments. It includes photogrammetry scans of many real places and Kinect Scans of dozens of people. It’s very beginner-friendly and should’t induce any nausea at all (we showed it at an exhibition for two weeks […]