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Kickstarter for bespectacled Gear VR owners

Kickstarter for bespectacled Gear VR owners

While the Oculus Rift is designed to work comfortably for people who wear glasses, the Gear VR is less suitable. The headset presses the glasses on your nose, and after a short time playing press the arms of the glasses press so hard you have to stop the fun. The German VR Lens Lab has launched a crowdfunding project that offers a better solution for gamers who wear glasses. With their solution you can wear the headset glasses-free. They made a kind of lens holder that you can put over the original lenses.

VR Lens Lab was founded by Peter Marx, an optometrist and owner of several shops and a spectacle lens laboratory. He is working with Jay Marx Uhdinger, this is the founder of our previously tested VR Covers. This duo now has put their hands together to find a solution for the people who wear glasses. Together they have designed a shell that precisely fits around the current Gear VR lenses. The shells can be easily removed if you want to let someone else play with your VR gear.

Unfortunately it is not possible to order lenses directly through the crowdfunding campaign. You just buy the shell for the lenses. The right lenses can be ordered upon receipt at your local optician or the maker itself. However, you can order a kit with two adapters and blue coating. This should protect your eyes from the blue radiation of the screen.



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