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Join VR Bites!

VR Bites is looking for an enthusiastic team that want to make VR Bites the success it deserves! We are looking for an experienced editor, news reporters, reviewers and technical writers. You can read in the following explanations what the job entails.



As an experienced editor you get much responsibility. You have your own VR Bites email address and the freedom to outsource articles or write them yourself. You will have the responsibility to lead the rest of the team and you can request review samples. We’re looking for a person we can work pleasantly with, which is discreet and honest and able to work independently. Fits this description in your profile, please send us an email with your motivation and published work.



VR Bites is also looking for people who can write reviews about the latest games and hardware. It would be a huge help if you can deliver once a month to VR Bites. It is important that we can trust you by finishing your work in time. As you can understand in most cases the hardware should be returned to the manufacturer after the reviewing it, in most cases you can keep the games. You don’t have to be a writing talent, but we do require some mastery of the English language. Would you like to try it, please fill in the details below and send it along with a self-written review.


News reporter

At this moment there is happening a lot in the field. Therefore we would be very happy with a news reporter. News reporters post a few articles per day. You are welcome to post your own video’s as well. You’re allowed to use your own YouTube-channel to get more viewers if you like to report news in an online video.


Technical writer

It sounds harder than it is. If you’re handy with your computer and can write step by step guides you are welcome as a technical writer. You take the reader by your hand to achieve a goal. We think of how-to’s like: how does VorpX work, how to connect your Oculus Rift, Play Nintendo games in VR, build your own VR ready pc.


Community and video

At VR Bites readers can post their YouTube video’s. These posts are not published immediately for security reasons. We need to correct and approve them first. Each member of the team is given the power to approve those videos and publish them. We’re also working on a Forum. For this we go looking for forum moderators and a community manager who likes to take his hand on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


Join us!

Send the following information to job@vrbites.com.transurl.nl:

  • Your full name
  • Possibly a Nickname
  • your age
  • What hardware your PC and possibly the game consoles you

Write a small biography about yourself: training, favorite game, etc. So we can put that in your avatar beneath your articles. The minimum age is 18 years and the job offer is based on a voluntarily function.