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VRaccoon (Cardboard VR game)

VRaccoon is a first-person arcade game – where you become a raccoon, roaming the flat in search of treats. Your job is to collect pieces of food that are in the air along your way. The game uses interesting navigation: you need to push the ball of wool for flying from room to room. Under […]

Alien Attack VR – Cardboard

All actions occur inside the spacecraft that is under attack from aliens. You need to stop them.  Our Virtual Reality Alien Attack Game is a sci-fi game that makes aliens appear right before your eyes. Just download the free app and place your smartphone in the cardboard. Eliminate all the aliens that appear on your […]

PsyberShot VR

Do you want to get fully immersed in your mobile gaming? Strap on your virtual reality goggles and feel like you’re really in this game. This is just a test app for an upcoming game, Tell me what you think and be honest. Note: Phone must have a gyroscope and you must have a wireless […]

M.A.R.S. Extraction VR

CONFIGURATION – A virtual reality headset like a Dive, an Homido or a Google Cardboard (with strap) is required for the VR mode ; – A joystick or a keyboard (USB or Bluetooth) is required to play in VR mode ; – A Quad Core configuration – 2GB of RAM and an HD display is […]

VR Hunting for Cardboard

Hunt in virtual reality while experiencing the thrill of being in the wild nature.Use your weapon to kill animals as much as you can, but be sure to watch your ammunition as you can easily run out of bullets. To avoid doing so pick up an ammo box while playing. Score as much as you […]

Angry Bots VR (demo)

** THIS IS A DEMO VERSION ONLY ** [ Important Note ]: This game is build with very special way that you can enjoy the virtual reality in very AWESOME experience. – This app will only work on powerful handsets due to the high-quality 3D graphics. Further support information listed at the bottom. For any […]