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Google showed the Daydream View VR headset!

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Daydream View is a VR headset and controller by Google that lets you explore new worlds in Virtual Reality. The headset is powered by the new Pixel phone from Google and it is still unknown if other vendors will be able to meet the high quality standards from Google.

The headset is inspired by the clothes you wear and made from a lightweight, breathable fabric so it stay’s comfortable on your forehead. It will be available in three colors: red, black and white.

The motion controller looks a lot like the controller that came with the Rift, but it has a lot more sensors. You can Swing a bit, bowl a strike and pilot your space ship.

Daydream View will be available for $79 (USD) on the Google Store and through Verizon.

The following games will arrive for Daydream: Fantastic Beasts, Wonderglade, Mekorama, Gunjack 2, Need for Speed, LEGO BrickHeadz, Action Bowling.


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