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Get ready to experience the timeless clash between mouse and cat with a friend or solo across three incredibly unique Maps. Maps include The Bastille, The Lodge, and The Chantry. One player uses the GearVR to enter the reality of a mouse named Polo while another player controls Marco the Cat from an Android phone […]

Mecha Tower

Mecha Tower is a tower defense game with two outstanding unique features: 1) It supports Virtual Reality allowing the player to observe the game board from different perspectives from above the board. 2) It features a special tower unit – the Mecha Tower (a stationary mountable turret) that can be entered by the player and […]


InnovoxVR is an interactive music/art experience inside virtual reality. It was created during the 2015 mobile VR jam by opera singer/composer Elizabeth Zharoff, programmer Keith Kaisershot, and artist Samuel Hum. The user appears inside of a dark sphere, which has 12 surrounding vertices. Each vertex corresponds to a unique vocal track. When all tracks play […]

Jiggery Pokery

Jiggery Pokery is a fun team based board game that pits up to 4 teams of 2 against each other, they compete in puzzles, challenges and games and a race against time to reach the finish line. What makes the game unique is that one person from each team will be participating in the game […]


You’re a passionate gardener tending to your collection of beautiful delicate flowers. However when your garden gets infested with a new strain of bugs that see your leafy children as nothing but a tasty lunch, you freak out. As one pesticide after another fail to deter the pesky buggers, you get mad, order a head […]

Hungry hungry spider

Hungry hungry Spider is a fun little game for in between or when you want to grab your daily dose of VR before you go to sleep because this game you play lying down. Once you get yourself comfortable lying down you can start experiencing the world above you. What you will find in “Hungry […]

Rainbow Smasher

Rainbow Smasher is a free for all arena combat game where you battle against other unicorns for supremacy. The game features online play – fight to be the first to reach the max kill count in a given round. You can play via GearVR or PC and compete freely across platforms. Rainbows will fall, cuteness […]

Spirit Defense

Astral project your spirit into defensive towers to battle corrupted creatures of the forest. Can you stop them before they get to your camp? Spirit Defense will bring a simplified tower defense game into VR. Players will be able to gaze at and possess a tower by using the GearVR’s tap pad or gamepad to […]