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The Solun Cortex

The Solun Cortex

sumon1The Cortex VR-headset combines virtual and augmented reality in one device. The Cortex features 3D sensors and scanners that detect the surrounding area of the user and integrate it within a game or application. This makes it possible to freely move through a living room where your furniture is digital added. It seems a bit like the HoloLens from Microsoft. But that isn’t bad, because the more devices has similar technique the bigger the change of succeeding

Sulon1The Cortex offers the best of both worlds. On the one hand it offers a full virtual world and on the other hand you can turn any room into an interactive playground. Elements are projected on the glasses so you can use your  living room as a warzone. It’s possible to cover behind your sofa or you can turn a lamp into a box of ammunition. You can also interact with objects in the virtual world using the built-in sensors. These register with an infrared camera similar to Kinect from Microsoft. The technique was demonstrated at CES 2015 where a car engine was put together. The full specifications of the glasses stay unclear. You can pre-order the development kit for the Cortex for $499,00. When this is delivered is also unknown yet.

You can find more info at http://sulontechnologies.com/.

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