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Cave Bound

Controls: The only required controls is the Touch Pad. Avoid crashing into the floor, ceiling and columns by pressing and holding down the touch pad to fly the helicopter up. While releasing the touch pad to decrease speed and altitude. Mechanics: Avoid the cave walls. Try to fly as far as possible in each stage […]


Description Pi.Fighter is a front-scrolling, 3rd person, 3D shoot’em up game in VR where you fly and shoot using gaze controls and head movements. Story You are “Pi”, the Ai that was built to calculate the number Pi to infinity. Until… Suddenly, your main functions are cut-off. You are outfitted with a strange new “Fighter” […]


InnovoxVR is an interactive music/art experience inside virtual reality. It was created during the 2015 mobile VR jam by opera singer/composer Elizabeth Zharoff, programmer Keith Kaisershot, and artist Samuel Hum. The user appears inside of a dark sphere, which has 12 surrounding vertices. Each vertex corresponds to a unique vocal track. When all tracks play […]

Ramble: Venice

What is Ramble?  There is a magic in visiting new places. Walking unknown ground, and learning stories of far off lands, allows us to see the world through fresh eyes. Our goal with Ramble is let people feel the delight and discovery of travel in VR through bite-sized adventures. Our Mobile VR Jam project focuses […]

S.P.Y. Robot VR

 Controls You only need the touchpad Turn into all directions and holding the touchpad moves into the direction looked Swipe for turning a certain amount if you are sitting Back Button on Gear VR will bring you always to the main menu where you can exit to Oculus Home A blinking wifi symbol which acts […]

Boxroom Innovation

A 15 second experience of standing in a box shaped room made from boxes. Designed for passive and temporary enjoyment of a small enclosed space. Stand still to generate innovation. Collect the invisible innovation units. When the desired level of innovation has been achieved, press the back button on your android VR device. When experiencing […]

Somewhere Beyond Time

Enjoy an exploration of fantastic dreamscapes accompanied by an energetic futuristic soundtrack composed by one of hiphop’s newest exciting emerging producers: Wiseman from the Highlands. Experience an adventure of stunning visuals inspired by surrealism and sci fi pop art. Push the boundaries of visual perception with optical illusions combined with VR immersion. Level 1: Lucid […]