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Ramble: Venice

What is Ramble?  There is a magic in visiting new places. Walking unknown ground, and learning stories of far off lands, allows us to see the world through fresh eyes. Our goal with Ramble is let people feel the delight and discovery of travel in VR through bite-sized adventures. Our Mobile VR Jam project focuses […]

Boxroom Innovation

A 15 second experience of standing in a box shaped room made from boxes. Designed for passive and temporary enjoyment of a small enclosed space. Stand still to generate innovation. Collect the invisible innovation units. When the desired level of innovation has been achieved, press the back button on your android VR device. When experiencing […]


The Mariner Corporation is excited to announce increased payouts for independent mining operations. Effective immediately the purchase price of Lithium­6 by the Mariner Corporation will increase dramatically. Contractors who are already part of the independent mining program will see the new rates in the operations portal. “The greater need for energy has pushed us to […]

DMZ: Memories of no man’s land

Produced by InnerspaceVR “D.M.Z: Memories of a no man’s land” takes the viewer into a place where it’s forbidden to go: The Korean Demilitarized Zone (D.M.Z), a strip of land about 248 km long and 4 km wide that separates North Korea from South Korea. Unlike its name would suggest, the demilitarized zone is one […]

Audio Arena

This Dutch developer is also the creator of the amazing VR game Don’t let go for the Oculus Rift. The gifted developer have created a new jewel.  Enemies are spawned on the beat of the music, and hitting power ups will thin the crowd. Increase your score by bursting these on the beat. Audio Arena is […]


 Colosse demonstrates the power of storytelling in VR. In this preview version, you meet one of the Great Spirits known as the Colosse. To balance immersion with story engagement, this short uses gaze to ensure events happen at times that make sense for you. Seamless and beautiful, we can’t wait to see where this goes […]

Along the Trail

Along the Trail is a beautiful blend of storytelling and data visualization, all based on information you’ve shared through social media. This peaceful environment facilitates reflection and reliving memories, which can be especially powerful for those coping with loss or painful life experiences. Along the Trail invites you to take a walk around landscapes generated […]