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S.P.Y. Robot VR

S.P.Y. Robot VR


S.P.Y. Robot VR4You only need the touchpad
Turn into all directions and holding the touchpad moves into the direction looked
Swipe for turning a certain amount if you are sitting
Back Button on Gear VR will bring you always to the main menu where you can exit to Oculus Home
A blinking wifi symbol which acts as a crosshair will tell you that you can connect to the object in focus and maybe start a hack if you have one in your inventory
A single tap starts the default action or opens a menu if more possible options exis
The tutorial explains everything (hopefully)


S.P.Y. Robot VR2You pilot an unarmed robot S.P.Y. (Synthetical Private eYe) designed for private investigations through your companies test chambers for final QA.
You have to hack a mainframe in a green target zone somewhere in the level
You can walk but to hack the mainframe you just have to get a free sight on it
You can download single-use hack skills from laptops to help you
In the moment these hack skills are:
“Stream Video” which lets you see through the hacked object (wall camera, webcam, enemy robot etc.)
“Self Destruct” Brings the object to explode
“Mark Enemy” mark the object as an enemy for the other security devices

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