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Somewhere Beyond Time

Enjoy an exploration of fantastic dreamscapes accompanied by an energetic futuristic soundtrack composed by one of hiphop’s newest exciting emerging producers: Wiseman from the Highlands. Experience an adventure of stunning visuals inspired by surrealism and sci fi pop art. Push the boundaries of visual perception with optical illusions combined with VR immersion. Level 1: Lucid […]

Maker From Below

Maker From Below is a cooperative multiplayer* first-person action game set in a science fiction desert environment. You play either as a smuggler or a sandworm. Smugglers have the goal to cross the desert and make it to the desert town. Sandworms have the goal to stop the smugglers and snatch them from the surface. […]

Shining Sword Dragoon

Shining Sword Dragoon is the dynamic action shooting game that can play only with your head. You move the sword which shines by waving a head, and, please exterminate devils. Story The army corps of the devil came over. Guys fly in the sky and attack the world. You are the brave man who had […]

Gliding Princess

This is game an action game like “Mario Bross”. Your mission is collecting coins in several castle stages. It is important that you can move as you want to. Therefore, the developers made a game which provides player with comfortable experience. The experience is jump up, gliding in the sky, and moving ground around 360 degree. […]

Office spacer

4:46pm… you swivel back to your desk… back to the clock… 4:47pm… not bad. Your co-worker is showing up… how are you supposed to know where that report is? Still 4:47pm… We have a better way for you and your co-worker to spend your time at the office and you don’t even have to get […]

Nighttime Terror

Kill them before they kill you! Nighttime Terror is a top down shooter inside your childhood nightmares. Fight against your scary toys and compete with other players for the high score! ==Power Ups== Red Licorice – 10 second weapons boost Green Licorice – Restore Health ==Controls== Xbox360 Gamepad (Both Thumbsticks + Right Trigger, A to […]