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From the upper steering position, to the engine room and jet space below deck, take a look around the RNLI’s new Shannon class of lifeboat, the most agile and manoeuvrable all-weather lifeboat in the fleet using your Google Cardboard headset. Explore every space in the lifeboat in 360 photo-spheres allowing you to see all the […]

Magma Chamber 360 VR

You don´t always need an app or game to give a great VR experience. Winbush Design gives a great 360 VR experience by using existing media like YouTube and vrideo. Have a look at Magma Chamber VR. This is a 360 VR Live DJ Experience. After the release of the full album Magma Chamber, from Mix […]

Guardian VR

Our first VR piece, 6×9 takes you to a virtual cell, telling a story of the psychological damage of extreme isolation. Right now, more than 80,000 people are in solitary confinement in the US. They spend 22-­24 hours a day in their cells, with little to no human contact for days or even decades. We […]

Inside Abbey Road – Cardboard

Feel like you’ve stepped inside one of the world’s most iconic musical landmarks, Abbey Road Studios. Place your phone into a Google Cardboard viewer (http://g.co/cardboard) and discover the studios where the Beatles, Oasis, Coldplay, Muse and Adele have all recorded tracks. The experience begins with a nine-part guided tour narrated by Giles Martin who shares […]

Caribbean VR Google Cardboard

Need sun ? Visit Caribbean islands in virtual reality mode and dive into the most beautiful places at 360 ° with Google your Carboard . Visit the amazing Pinel Island, St Maarten, St Barts and the magic Sandy Island ! [appbox googleplay com.cardboard360images.ilsandvr]  

DryVR for Google Cardboard

Drive your way through 10 challenging levels in a race against the clock! Experience cyberspace in stereoscopic VR with look controls, or classic 3D mode with touch controls. No magnet trigger or external controllers needed, all VR headsets are supported! [appbox googleplay uk.co.SoftKitty.DryVR]    

Androids Dream (Cardboard VR)

Androids Dream is a VR experience, a ride over a cyberpunk city largely inspired by a famous SF movie (a tribute). You are in a flying car and you have just to enjoy the ride until you land on a futuristic tower. [appbox googleplay com.donytamazone.androidsdream.cardboard]  

VR Solar System

It is a virtual reality trip through space in our solar system, you have the possibility to travel to every planet in our system and learn from them as they never did before. Just put your phone on and enjoy Cardboard [appbox googleplay com.onepixelsoft.solarsystemcb]