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Microsoft will also cooperate with Valve’s VR!

Microsoft makes themselves heard at the E3. Last week the company surprised everyone by announcing a partnership with Oculus, today they also announced to work with Valve. Microsoft and Valve will not cooperate in the development of hardware, but join forces in Windows 10 to prepare them for the arrival of VR games. What means […]

Wild Golf

Wild Golf is a VR miniature golf game. Like other golf games, your goal is to complete each hole using as few strokes as possible. The game takes place in an old wild west town complete with old buildings and a raging river. Compatibility: Xinput compatible by default For other controllers hold CONTROL when opening […]

Impressive live demonstration of the HoloLens

During an event in January, we first heard about the Microsoft HoloLens. A device that projects augmented reality on top of reality, using technics like Microsoft Kinect. Augmented reality is something other than virtual reality, which is organized around you and completely replaced by digital images. Build on what we’ve got from the live demonstration […]