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Impressive live demonstration of the HoloLens

Impressive live demonstration of the HoloLens

hololens_29_april2During an event in January, we first heard about the Microsoft HoloLens. A device that projects augmented reality on top of reality, using technics like Microsoft Kinect. Augmented reality is something other than virtual reality, which is organized around you and completely replaced by digital images. Build on what we’ve got from the live demonstration of the HoloLens, is that it is very impressive. You can put apps on walls and tables, a video playback on the wall, as big as you want. “We’re discovering uses for holograms every day”, they said during the presentation.

hololens-build2015-05For students there was a demo with a body like basis given,. You could walk around it and learn where bones, muscles and blood vessels are. For education there is a huge potential according to Microsoft. Among other NASA is already a partner on board.

Another point on which the HoloLens differs from many VR goggles, is that it is a completely stand-alone device with a removable battery. So you have no cables required cameras, phones or PCs.

For now you should watch the videos at the bottom of this article: the HoloLens is mind-blowing and it is hard to believe this is a real working thing. We stick with Palmer Lucky’s words : “Virtual Reality is real”, “augmented reality is the future.”

[symple_youtube id=”AaTyeDtht-8″]

[symple_youtube id=”hglZb5CWzNQ”]

[symple_youtube id=”mSCrviBGTeQ”]

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