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Aquarium Videos VR

With this App you can view HD 3D Stereo Videos and use a VR Glass with two displays use or your Smartphone with a non display VR Glass. Video format, SBS, 3D, Oculus Rift, Goggle, Google Cardboard. The videos were recorded with a 3D camera and if there is in Side by Side format, an image for […]

Jaunt VR

Experience the latest in Cinematic Virtual Reality with Jaunt’s brand new app. It delivers the best VR experience anywhere, anytime. How does Jaunt VR work? – With the Jaunt app, your Iphone becomes your personal VR portal. – All videos are available for free. – New experiences are frequently added, make sure to check back […]

Legendary VR

Step into the Warcraft movie and soar across the skies of Azeroth. Get up close and personal with the gothic terror of Crimson Peak. Feel the power of piloting a 250-foot Jaeger against a towering Kaiju aggressor. Legendary VR places you at the center of 360-degree cinematic experiences that offer a unique new perspective on some […]

VR Playground: virtual reality experience

Have you ever wished to escape the drudgery modern life and transport yourself to a nonsensical fantasy land? Look no further – VR Playground has you minimally covered! Features: – Virtual Reality – Unrealistic graphics – Loads of hilarious bugs and glitches – 3D Audio – “Blast jump” fans – Dancing skeletons – Dinosaurs – […]

Solar Realms Rising VR

Put on your VR headset and trek through deep space in a virtual reality sci-fi adventure to get back home. Warp through hyper space, blast asteroids, and repair a jump gate in this hands-free VR experience. Your trusty AI hologram side kick will guide you along your journey. Solar Realms Rising is the most immersive virtual […]

VR ONE Media

The ZEISS VR ONE Media Launcher app is your central hub for launching Virtual Reality (VR) apps on your smartphone. Discover the latest apps made especially for the ZEISS VR ONE virtual reality headset as well as other apps which are compatible with the headset. New submitted VR apps will be added in the VR […]