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Razer’s OSVR availble for preorders

Razer’s OSVR availble for preorders

The OSVR is the fully customizable open source virtual reality headset and it is now available for  preorder. It’s great news because no other virtual reality headset is still out for the public! The OSVR will be the first headset available.

The OSVR is available in three versions, at a price range from 199 dollars to 299 dollars. However, only version available now is the 1.3 version. It will be sent on November 23.

The features of this kit are:

  • A 120Hz Full HD  OLED screen (tough the refresh rate is 120Hz, it seems that OSVR is still targeting a 60Hz rate for game rendering)
  • Compatible with OpenVR and  vorpX
  • Direct compatibility with the Driver Mode, Gameworks and VR LiquidVR
  • 360 degree tracking for responsive, multi directional input
  • IR Kit

The OSVR is fully customizable, and is primarily intended for developers and hackers wanting to experiment with VR. If you are a ‘techie’ and can’t wait for the rift you can consider this headset as an alternative to the DK2 (wich is sold out right now). We will try to give you a detailed feedback on the headset as soon as you lay hands on it.


Update: changed the specs. OSVR set the refresh at 120Hz, but it seems that it is still running at 60Hz for game rendering.

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