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Razer OSVR

osvr-gallery-v2-03Razer is a well-known company under gamers for their keyboards and mouses. The vr glasses that Razer is developing are named OSVR Hacker Dev Kit. The virtual reality headset is part of an open source virtual reality project. Razer wants to create an open platform for developers and manufacturers so they can easily contribute. The unique feature of the OSVR is that both hardware and software are completely open source.

osvr-gallery-v2-02 The standard development kit includes a head tracker, HD display, dual lenses and a mechanism wich allow you to put the components together. The HMD is completely open source and can be customized to your needs. The instructions and software are available to anyone. Almost all parts can be replaced allowing you to continuously add the latest hardware. Therefore you never have to deal with glasses that are outdated again.

The OSVR has one external USB 3.0 ports to add accessories and two internal connectors to build the internal specs. The supplied screen has a full HD resolution which can display up to 60fps. It is also possible to change the 5.5 inch screen to a better display panel. The placing of a smartphone as a main display belong also to the possibilities.

osvr-gallery-v2-04The lenses provide a field of view of 100 degrees and are adjustable independently from each eye. The glasses themselves are partly made of microfiber and includes a foam lining for added comfort.

The OSVR will be shipped in June 2015 and costs only $ 200. You can still pre-order the Razer OSVR on their website.

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