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Oculus VR 0.7 update bugs are fixed

Oculus VR 0.7 update bugs are fixed

No 0.7 SDK and runtime update today! Cybereality, Oculus VR’s moderator, just announced that they couldn’t deliver it on time. He didn’t give a motivation for the delay, but bugs are probably the reason for not releasing the SDK on the announced date of August 20th.

Cybereality: “The Oculus PC SDK 0.7 will launch next week rather than today, 8/20. We’ll keep everyone posted on progress. Thanks for your patience!”

There were some speculations that the latest 0.7 release wouldn’t support Windows 10. But no one from Oculus VR confirmed any information regarding release 0.7 and Windows 10. We keep you up to date on the latest info.

Update August 27, 2015

According to Cybereality (the Community Manager of Oculus VR) the main issue with the 0.7 SDK and runtime is resolved. We can expect the latest update soon. He didn’t give a date because it is still tested to be sure the main bugs are fixed.


cybereality“: The main blocking issue that caused the delay has apparently been fixed. Currently the software is going through QA just to be sure it’s really solved and that there is nothing else serious going on. If everything checks out it should not be much longer. Thanks for your patience.


If you use the Oculus Rift only for gaming, we advise to wait at least two weeks before upgrading to the new runtime. Games that are still on 5.x Runtime won’t work with the latest Runtime. Developers need time to upgrade their games. So it’s wise to wait if you are only in for gaming.

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