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How to make a Samsung Note 4 fit on a Consumer GearVR

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One question we all asked but no one dared to try is: does the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 work with the consumer Gear VR. That question has now been answered by Chilton Webb. Although he doesn’t guarantee to work with all Gear VR’s he has proven that it works for now and if it stops working it’s a software limitation by Samsung and Oculus. In his do it yourself video he explains how you can make your Note 4 fit.

What, you thought this was difficult? No, just requires some wire cutters (“turtle face” clippers) and a willingness to part with $100 or so in case you screw it up. But once you do the work, the Note 4 works just fine in the headset.

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  1. An eloquent approach to make it fit would be use a Dremel rotor tool with a diamond bit to shave down the corners instead of chopping it up with those diagonal cutting pliers.

    1. I really don’t know. I wonder if the new Gear VR 2 works with the Note 4 as well (the black version. When I tried it on a demonstrations the guys told me it should work. So no need to brake it anymore. 🙂

  2. No the gear vr2 want fit a note 4 neither!! quite pissed I’ve got my son who is 12 a note 4 for for Christmas thinking it would work with the new VR (which are quite cheap compared to the old one that was just for the note 4 ) I’m really upset as it’s what he wants for xmas I would try to modify it myself but I’m scared that I would break it ?


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