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GyroTroller2From BlueGimbal. The only app of it’s kind. I promise.  Supports the fully featured MOGA Ace Power Game Controller. Not only that, but it has advanced Gyroscopic simultaneous input! Not only that, but plug your phone into your 3DTV and play while sitting on your couch using a standard wireless bluetooth number pad! Not only that, but it can display two stereoscopic viewpoints for users of FOV2GO hardware, the vrAse, the Xcope, Hasbro My3D viewer, or mount it to your Oculus Rift with the HDMI connection! What are you waiting for? Do you have the fastest reflexes in the world? Compete to put your name on the top spot in front of all users!

GyroTrollerSo what will you do with this exciting program? Fly deftly through a random route to accumulate points before the timer expires. Perfect your unique blend of physically jerking the phone and tweaking your inputs to glide through the obstacles to accumulate points before time expires. Set up your controller your way. Every one of the SIXTEEN input channels on the controller can be assigned by you to rotation or translation on the X, Y, or Z axis. Set the sensitivity of each input. There is no G limit. No Speed Limit. As fast as you can react, you’ll get points to compete against your friends. Post your results to Facebook! Customize your controller scheme with high powered turbo buttons. Be careful, you might launch yourself out of the arena!

The gamepad pause button and the bluetooth number pad 0 key restart the game for when using with a 3DTV or VR headset.

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