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Temple of the Swamp Giraffes

The Temple of the Swamp Giraffes is a classic rail shooter with a twist- you’re goal is to find the collect the souls of all the priests who died in the swamp. The player has full control of their sight, but no control over their path- allowing them to focus their attention on the beautiful […]


Description Pi.Fighter is a front-scrolling, 3rd person, 3D shoot’em up game in VR where you fly and shoot using gaze controls and head movements. Story You are “Pi”, the Ai that was built to calculate the number Pi to infinity. Until… Suddenly, your main functions are cut-off. You are outfitted with a strange new “Fighter” […]


InnovoxVR is an interactive music/art experience inside virtual reality. It was created during the 2015 mobile VR jam by opera singer/composer Elizabeth Zharoff, programmer Keith Kaisershot, and artist Samuel Hum. The user appears inside of a dark sphere, which has 12 surrounding vertices. Each vertex corresponds to a unique vocal track. When all tracks play […]

Office spacer

4:46pm… you swivel back to your desk… back to the clock… 4:47pm… not bad. Your co-worker is showing up… how are you supposed to know where that report is? Still 4:47pm… We have a better way for you and your co-worker to spend your time at the office and you don’t even have to get […]

Maiden Chaos VR

In this top-down shooter, you take control of AKI, a half-robotic female operative, as she storms a droid-filled military compound. “Maiden Chaos VR” is a top-down shooter where you take control of AKI, a half-robotic female operative, as she storms the droid-filled military compound of her enemies. CONTROLS NOTE: This game requires the Samsung Gamepad […]


DRIFT is the first bullet simulator for VR. Tused to playing First Person Shooter but with DRIFT wanted to create something different : a game in which the player embodies the bullet itself. Let’s see where a bullet which has a consciousness is going… GAME Fly through immersive suspended scenes in a four floors building and […]