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DRIFT is the first bullet simulator for VR. Tused to playing First Person Shooter but with DRIFT wanted to create something different : a game in which the player embodies the bullet itself. Let’s see where a bullet which has a consciousness is going…


DRIFT2Fly through immersive suspended scenes in a four floors building and try to find your way between gangsters and obstacles until you hit the right target! For in game views, check the video above that shows the game as it is in the GearVR during a playing session.


The gameplay is very simple and intuitive :

tap once on the GearVR touchpad to start.
as a bullet you’re moving forward all the time.
turn your head in any direction to orient your path.
touch the GearVR touchpad to enter super slow motion mode.
try to find your green target.

[symple_vimeo id=”126716070″]

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