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VR Funfair – An entire amusement park in one app!

VR Funfair – An entire amusement park in one app!

VR Funfair  VR Funfair – An entire amusement park in one app! on the App Store on iTunes

VR Funfair – An entire amusement park in one app!

VR Funfair - 5 Welcome to VR Funfair! The ultimate VR-Kick offers 17 ride and a whole lot of fun!
This game is compatible with VR headsets such as Google Cardboard, Durovis Dive and This is Cardboard.
Just start, select your ride (by looking at the center for a couple of seconds), and enjoy; no touch controls needed for menu or game control.

VR Funfair - 4Features:
– 17 ride (2 included, get 15 more via “In App Purchase”)
– supports Google Cardboard like VR Headsets (f.e. Durovis Dive, Refugio 3D, This is Cardboard)
– enjoy without interruptions, no touch input needed
– Universal App for Smartphones and Tablets

Ride included:
– Big Rollercoaster
– Flyer

VR Funfair - 3Ride available via “In App Purchase”:
– Octopus Ride (Ride Pack 1)
– Steam Carousel (Ride Pack 1)
– Mini Rollercoaster (Ride Pack 1)
– Big Wheel (Ride Pack 2)
– Top Spinner (Ride Pack 2)
– Frisbee Dancer (Ride Pack 2)
– Water Ride (Ride Pack 3)
– Bird of the Sky (Ride Pack 3)
– Dance Energy (Ride Pack 3)
– Pirate Boat (Ride Pack 4)
– Takeoff to the Stars (Ride Pack 4)
– Top Master (Ride Pack 4)
– Big Booster (Ride Pack 5)
– Speedy Freefall (Ride Pack 5)
– Circus Time (Ride Pack 5)

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