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Review OSVR HDK2

A few weeks ago was able to test the Hackers Development Kit 1.4 from Razer. The result was somewhat disappointing, so Razer assisted to show me their latest model. The new hacker’s development kit has some improvements over the earlier version. I named as the biggest minus the horrible screen of the HDK1 and that is the main upgrade […]

Razer’s OSVR availble for preorders

The OSVR is the fully customizable open source virtual reality headset and it is now available for  preorder. It’s great news because no other virtual reality headset is still out for the public! The OSVR will be the first headset available. The OSVR is available in three versions, at a price range from 199 dollars to […]

Razer OSVR

Razer is a well-known company under gamers for their keyboards and mouses. The vr glasses that Razer is developing are named OSVR Hacker Dev Kit. The virtual reality headset is part of an open source virtual reality project. Razer wants to create an open platform for developers and manufacturers so they can easily contribute. The […]