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Dino Land Historic VR Tour

Are you a big fan of Jurassic Park Series? Do you want to see extreme deadly dinosaurs around you in action? Like Carnotaurus, Tyrannosaurus, Parasaurolophus and the flying dino Pteranodon? Then what are you waiting for? Welcome to the Dino Land VR-Virtual Tour Adventure. Free Category: Entertainment Updated: Nov 23, 2015 Version: 1.1 Size: 107 […]

VR Jurassic Land,cardboard

VR- Jurassic Land has finally been released! The best gift for children who love dinosaurs!!! Experience virtual reality using ‘Gear VR’ or ‘Google Cardboard’. Run the application and use Google Cardboard to dive into an immersive virtual world. Experience full sized dinosaurs. Hop on a jeep that takes you on a ride through the park […]

Jurassic Virtual Reality (VR)

Have you ever wanted to meet Dinosaurs in real life? Experience the ultimate dino ride with Jurassic Virtual Reality (VR) The ultimate experience There is no need anymore to become an archaeologist and dig the earth for fossilised dino bones to learn more about the majestic creatures that ruled our earth 65 million years ago. […]

Dino Land VR

Have you ever wondered to look big dinosaur around? Do you want to see the flying dino? Do you want to see there movement freely? Here comes a special VR Dino package for you… the ultimate Dino Land VR experience of Dinosaurs around in Virtual Reality… using Google Cardboard glasses How to set things: + […]