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Sunderland2You play as Bosworth III, a simple beast of a man who descends from a long line of vampire assistants through the ages. The Count, your master of many years now is a nice enough fellow, the only problem is he sleepwalks around the castle sometimes and gets lost or stuck.

The game starts off as a horde of angry villagers are storming the castle thirsty for the blood of your master. You must first fight your way through waves of intruding villagers as you drive deeper into the bowels of the castle. Eventually you’ll be reunited with your master and that’s when things get really interesting. Your sleepwalking Count needs your help to survive the attackers and obstacles throughout the castle.


Robbert Hi, I’m Robbert, I love to share my passion for virtual reality and games with everyone. I make video's and post the latest news, games and apps on VRBites.com and YouTube. You can check out my channel on http://www.YouTube.com/ClassicGamerNL. Thank you for reading my post! Love to hear what you think and I hope to see you back.


  1. I know you have Apps for Windows Phone but you don’t list them. Even when I look up the app that I just downloaded from the Windows Phone store, you don’t list it as being available. I know that you spent a lot of time creating the app, The two apps are Froggy VR and Crazy Swing Vr, both are amazing apps. What other apps do you have available for Windows Phone?

  2. Hi Russ, thank you so much for visiting VR Bites. I know Windows Phone has apps that support VR. Microsoft has taken a big step into gaming with Windows 10 and I’m sure Windows Phones will follow. The problem is that I don’t have a Windows Phone right now. So I can’t test the apps to give them a rating. Now I know there is interest in Windows Phone support I put it on top of my priority to get one.

    Some games you can check out are InMind VR, VR Labyrinth and Real Life Lag.


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