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Kumoon : Ballistic Physics Puzzle

Trickshots and Tricky Situations! Naksu the boxstacking robot is sick of his job and starts knocking the boxes over. How elegantly can the deconstruction be performed? Kumoon is the antithesis to the interminable block-movement puzzle. The blocks here are just to be knocked over. Their glowing light numbers indicate their value, which increases as you […]

Time Machine VR Demo

NOTE: Time Machine VR requires an Oculus DK2 or Crescent Bay. Xbox 360 and Xbox One controllers supported. THE STORY: SAVE THE HUMAN RACE (in development, more to come with the following updates) A plague is consuming humankind. Civilization faces extinction. As a time-travelling scientist, you must go back to the Jurassic and face ancient creatures whose DNA holds […]

Smash Stax

Topple. Sling. Dismantle. Create. And More! Boom Blox was one of the top-rated, most innovative games for the Nintendo Wii. Back in 2008, we even experimented with VR. This demo is inspired by the Boom Blox franchise (which I previously worked on as the lead UI engineer), serving as an early tech demo/experiment, intended primarily […]

Attack of the Cubes VR

Attack of the Cubes started out as a basic student project. It then evolved into a simple three dimensional tower defense game for the Oculus. Your goal is to prevent cubes from entering the end sphere. Fend off enemies by building towers. Basics Clic on a square to select where to build a tower, then […]

Flappy Bird (DK2)

This is a short Demo I found on my PC from when I was 11 (last year). I know it isn’t the best and It is not available for 0.7, but 0.7 will be added soon. Hope you enjoy! 😀   Information Developer CBGames Publisher CBGames Release Date October 25, 2015 Category Full Game Genres Strategy […]


Tetris in VR inspired by futilitris.     Information Developer Publisher Release Date Category Tech Demo Genres Puzzle Supported Rift Versions DK2 Supported Controllers Keyboard Game Modes Single-Player  

Mythos of the World Axis

Most demos on Oculus VR are just some try-outs from developers who share their art with us. Some demos are nice, some are crap and a few demos are extremely well done.  Mythos of the World Axis is one of those perfect demos! It will amaze you by its beauty, really stunning lightning effects and easy to learn […]

Don’t Touch the Walls

Get the ball to the goal as fast as possible, but don’t touch the walls. Find your way through puzzles of buttons, moving obstacles, dimensional gates, keys and more. Control the ball with your head. The game board’s distance and size is adjustable, so you can find the optimal setting for you. Try to beat […]