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HTC Vive release will be very limited in 2015

HTC Vive release will be very limited in 2015

According to Hardware.info, 2015 will not be the year that the HTC Vive will be available for most consumers. It seems that the Vive will be available in very limited numbers in 2015. Only if you’re very, very, very, very, lucky you can get hold of one. HTC promises that in Q1 2016 large amounts of the Vive headsets are going to be shipped. So it appears that the actual launch has been postponed to 2016. HTC-Vive-VRThat’s a bummer for early adopters who were waiting for the consumer product and didn’t bought an Oculus Rift Developers kit because of the Vive’s release date. Most consumers will have to wait until early 2016 for gaming into a true virtual reality.

For Oculus VR this will be a boost, since HTC isn’t in advantage anymore. Now both headsets will be available in early 2016. Which one are you going to buy?


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