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Historium Virtual Reality Lab


Historium Virtual RealityWith the start of a Virtual Reality Laboratorium, Historium wants to involve her visitors in the creation of this innovative project. The aim is to gather feedback, to examine in which way Virtual Reality could be introduced as a permanent part of the Historium visitor attraction. From 1/04/2015 until 31/05/2015, visitors of Historium have the opportunity to try Historium’s own Virtual Reality experience.

Historium Virtual Reality 2 The first of its kind in Belgium… and free for Historium visitors!
It’s the first Virtual Reality experience in Belgium where a virtual world was created that is historically accurate and where physical effects and integrated audio in Flemish, French or English amplifies the experience. Visitors put on a headset and a device with incorporated screen (the VR glasses). With these devices visitors not only see images on a screen; they are inside the virtual world. Visitors can move their head to see the the virtual world from different angles. This way, visitors can see medieval buildings and places that were reconstructed through CGI (computer-generated imagery), created in Realtime 3D by the interactive studio Sevenedge. The famous Sint-Donaas church and the Waterhalle (both demolished in the 18th century) were recreated this way.

The experience lasts around 10 minutes. After the experience, visitors are requested to fill in a short survey.

The virtual reality experience is made by interactive media studio Sevenedge. You can download the first chapter for free at the Oculus Share page.

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