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DJI Goggle for Mavic Pro drone is ready!

DJI Goggle for Mavic Pro drone is ready!

Technically speaking is the DJI Goggle not a virtual reality headset, but it is the easiest way to describe it. The DJI Goggle works in a similar way, but instead of a rendered virtual world the image shown is a live stream from the camera on the DJI drones.

The idea is that you can take place in the cockpit of the drone and get a good impression of your surroundings. Something similar had already been used in drone races, where first person view (FPV) is essential for fast and accurate steering.

The DJI Goggles has two 1080p screens, which create a field of view of 85 degrees – a slightly narrower viewing angle than the 110 degrees of the Rift and Vive.

The price and availability of the DJI Goggles are not known yet, although our contact told us that we can come back in Novermber for more info. Currently the glasses are only compatible with the Mavic Pro drone, although later models will be compatible as well. A hands-on review is available at Engadget.



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