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CV1’s are booming business at eBay

CV1’s are booming business at eBay

Did the price of the rift hold you from buying? A price of $599 just got a little bit more interesting now the eBay prices are showing up. Yester the website from Oculus went down. To much people ordering the rift. Palmer Tweeted:

In fact part of these lurkers are traders, people who sell the Rifts on eBay. At this moment more and more advertisements show up on eBay. Prices vary from $1000 until $3000 dollars. As we’ve experienced in te past with the DK2, buying a Rift is good business. Last year some Dk2’s we’re sold over $3000 dollars. So there is a good chance a lot of people just bought it to make money. Since new pre-orders ship in June the price will be high if you want to join VR at launch in March.


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