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Control GTA V with an Omni and the Oculus Rift

Control GTA V with an Omni and the Oculus Rift

GTA VThe PC version of GTA V out for a while, but despite the polished graphics there is a really fun way to control the game. You can do that with the Omni and the Oculus Rift.

Even though the world of GTA V through the lens of an Oculus Rift headset is already a cool enough experience, especially thanks to the first-person mode which Rockstar added to the next-gen and PC versions of the game, but if you step into the Omni the experience is complete.

In the video below you can see how a player actually runs through Los Santos with a physical weapon in his hand. He can focus and aim just as you do in the game. With the band around your waist and the upturned edges of the platform you do not have to worry about falling over, so you can run smoothly in your virtual world. It is even possible to sit back when driving a car!

GTA V officially doesn’t support virtual reality by itself, you need to make use of the external software VorpX. But the result is an all more impressive gameplay. We would love to take a walk through Los Santos in this way.

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