The Hunger Games – Virtual Reality Experience

With The Hunger Games – Virtual Reality Experience, immerse yourself in a 360° narrative that explores key moments from throughout Katniss’ journey, across all four films in the series. Soar through iconic environments and scenes from throughout Panem, encountering your favorite characters and witnessing the global phenomenon from within. You can also see Nathies gameplay […]

Journey by Boat

Experience a short boat trip through the surreal cartoon world of Governor-general Award–winning Canadian artist Wallace Edwards. Created from hundreds of original analogue illustrations. Journey by Boat propels you through crystal caves and past flying, vacant-eyed frogs on the back of a tattooed whale.       Information Developer Wallace Edwards Publisher Futurestories Press Release […]

Flappy Bird (DK2)

This is a short Demo I found on my PC from when I was 11 (last year). I know it isn’t the best and It is not available for 0.7, but 0.7 will be added soon. Hope you enjoy! 😀   Information Developer CBGames Publisher CBGames Release Date October 25, 2015 Category Full Game Genres Strategy […]

Unwelcome Presence

You are an uninvited guest in this land. Roam around and cleanse your body with ancient flesh. Game was originally created for Ludum Dare 33.   Information Developer Samuli Jääskeläinen Release Date October 23, 2015 Category Full Game Genres Action/Adventure Supported Rift Versions DK1, DK2 Supported Controllers Keyboard, Mouse, Gamepad Game Modes Single-Player  

The Beach House

Relax by the turquoise blue water on the deck of a Caribbean beach house. Listen to soothing sounds of waves lapping on the beach and the purr of a kitten resting at your feet. Created using Unreal Engine. Information Developer MBrown Publisher MidnightVR.com Release Date October 15, 2015 Category Experience Supported Rift Versions DK1, DK2 […]


Tetris in VR inspired by futilitris.     Information Developer Publisher Release Date Category Tech Demo Genres Puzzle Supported Rift Versions DK2 Supported Controllers Keyboard Game Modes Single-Player  


Keys: Q – Turn Left E – Turn Right M – Move the next customer to an “Ordering state” R – Reset ingredients in blender and set ingredient count to 0. Escape – Pauses game Steps to making a Smootheroni: 1) Click Ingredients on shelf to set as active ingredient 2) Space bar to spawn […]

Dino Land Historic VR Tour

Are you a big fan of Jurassic Park Series? Do you want to see extreme deadly dinosaurs around you in action? Like Carnotaurus, Tyrannosaurus, Parasaurolophus and the flying dino Pteranodon? Then what are you waiting for? Welcome to the Dino Land VR-Virtual Tour Adventure. Free Category: Entertainment Updated: Nov 23, 2015 Version: 1.1 Size: 107 […]