MDL Milan Design Look

This is a realistic real-time virtual tour of an italian style apartment . For this archviz apartment project we have chosen Dedar Milano decorations like fabrics and wallpapers. The demo is fully compatible with Oculus Rift DK2. We have run the demo at 60fps ultra mode with: -i7-4770 -Nvidia Gtx 770 -32Gb Ram Please feel […]


Can you build a tower to the target height? Look at the block you wish to pick up and use a controller to manipulate and place the block. Careful though, if it becomes unstable it will topple over! If using an Xbox controller: A – Pickup / Drop B – Center View Triggers – Raise […]

Halloween Coaster 2015

Halloweencoaster 2015 is mix between a halloween theme ride and a rollercoaster. Version 1.7.0 is the first public beta of the ride. Keboard controlls: Space / R Center VR Device Left CTRL Start Ride Left Shift Back to menu Right CTRL Toggle FPS view Right Shift Check for online update The software make a JSON request […]

VR Race Track

Put your virtual reality glasses on and take a short tour on our 3D race track. Information Developer    Apollo212 Publisher    Apollo212 Release Date    October 6, 2015 Category Experience Genres Racing Supported Rift Versions DK1, DK2 Supported Controllers Keyboard Game Modes Single-Player  

Jungle Dino VR

Demonstration version of VR contents is specialized for Oculus lift DK2. You are drifting at Dinosaur island and escape here to avoid dinosaurs. In regular version, it will be composed 4 stages, Coast, Meadoe, Jungle and Cave but you can only enjoy Jungle stage on Demonstration version. You can experience more realistic jungle Dinosaur VR using our developed Thriller-X. If […]

The “Wishes” Fan-Made Experience

Watch the “Wishes” fireworks in Virtual Reality! Seen nightly at the Magic Kingdom, now you can experience a portion of them in VR! This experience is a close replica of the first third of the Wishes Nighttime Spectacular at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom. You will enjoy the bright lights and earth-shattering explosions over a […]

Independence Acres

You want to rid your once peaceful ranch of the pesky drones that keep coming to spy on you. Using your trusty shotgun, you climb the water tower and take aim. Independence Acres uses head-related transfer function 3D audio technology to help the player quickly localize the targets in the virtual space. Independence Acres is the Grand […]

Virtual Reality Architectural Visualization Demo

This is a beta version of an architectural visualization of a residential condo, created by Arch Virtual.http://www.archvirtual.com It was built from a Revit model translated into Unity5. It also includes several elements from our Immerse Framework toolkit for VR development. Immerse is a bit like WordPress for VR, insofar as it provides you with a […]