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The “Wishes” Fan-Made Experience

The “Wishes” Fan-Made Experience

Watch the “Wishes” fireworks in Virtual Reality! Seen nightly at the Magic Kingdom, now you can experience a portion of them in VR! This experience is a close replica of the first third of the Wishes Nighttime Spectacular at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom. You will enjoy the bright lights and earth-shattering explosions over a nighttime lagoon. Run-time is approx 4 minutes.

Once you’ve loaded up the experience, just follow the instructions on-screen! Or remember this:

‘R’ to recenter the view.

‘Esc’ to exit the experience.

‘Spacebar’ to advance the screens.

Keep on the lookout for the options menu on the right of the instruction screen (arrow keys and ‘Enter’). You can enable a couple of choices there:

– Loop: this loops the experience once it ends, instead of kicking you back to the title screen.

– No Fireworks: Enable this to enjoy the scenery and music with no annoying fireworks blocking your view!

– No Music: Enable this to focus on just the fireworks, or play your own music in the background!

This is my first non-prototype release for VR, and the first I’ve submitted to Share! Please enjoy and let me know if you have any tips. I’ve only tested this out on my own machine, which is runtime, gtx 980ti, i7 3770K.


Developer Lost-Ride Studios
Publisher Lost-Ride Studios
Release Date October 15, 2015
Supported Rift Versions
Supported Controllers
Game Modes



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