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Wolfenstein: Youngblood and Cyberpilot

Wolfenstein: Youngblood is a co-op game in which the daughters of Anya and BJ go looking for their father. This new part in the Wolfenstein series has to be released next year. There will also be a VR game called Cyberpilot. In Wolfenstein: Cyberpilot players crawl into the skin of a hacker helping the French […]

Virtual Desktop 1.0 Trailer

With Virtual Desktop you can see your desktop in VR, watch 360 photos and videos and play games in 3D! The developer just posted a trailer for his final release! If you own a VR headset this is a must buy! Virtual Desktop will be available this month on Steam. [appbox steam 382110]

Age ratings for VR should be re-examined

New media, new effects, new rules: The European system PEGI (age ratings for computer games), will be re-examined in terms of the appearing 2016 virtual reality games. Especially games in the horror genre, with a focus on negative emotions such as fear and anxiety. Also normal games combined with the effects of virtual reality games […]

SteamVR Beta Updated

A new update of SteamVR is now available. The following parts are updates: Dashboard VR: Elements for automatic startup parameterized interface now display automatically launch SteamVR. Lighthouse: The movements of the devices (controllers and HMD) can now be detected in any order and position controllers continues to be returned even if the detection of the […]

Up to 50% more performance with Gameworks VR

Great news for the VR developers! Gameworks VR, NVIDIA’s solution which includes a number of optimizations for the VR, will soon be integrated into the Unreal Engine! Many functions, including and especially the VR SLI Multi Shader Resolution, which significantly reduce the resources needed to display the visible surface at full resolution. NVIDIA reports that […]

VorpX v0.9 has loads of new features

VorpX announced his latest release with a ton of new features. VorpX is a driver for games that is specifically geared towards VR-devices like the Oculus Rift. The latest version of the driver is almost done and the official release date is set to October, 23. VorpX 0.9 had a lot of changes under the […]

Gameplay footage Allison Road horror game

UK studio Lilith Ltd. have released a prototype gameplay footage of their survival horror game, Allison Road on their Facebook page. The game is labeled as a Horror Survival game but it is also comparable with a psychological thriller because it isn’t a straight up horror game. The designers are developing a release for virtual […]