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Baams Away!

Baams Away offers playful physics based gameplay that is guaranteed to make you smile. It takes place in a lighthearted world full of playful settings and comical characters. It offers some of the safest first time VR experience, grounded in a zeppelin flying at a constant speed with enough particles to offer the player a […]


3D edition of FROG JUMER which enjoyed itself before. By jump yourself(look up from bottom to top), and go before occur to the road where a car runs. Take it and cross a river in on the driftwood,a back of the swum turtle and a back of the alligator. [symple_youtube id=”8HRzaVK8wl0″]  

Aurae – Thunder Run

Aurae is an exciting action set piece that puts you in a perilous mission given to you by Aelous the ancient Greek god of the winds. We wanted to literally put you as fragile butterfly into a violent storm in a story created around the idea of chaos theory. That juxtaposition can be experienced first […]

SteamCrew VR for Gear VR

In SteamCrew VR, you and a friend cooperate to pilot a steampunk submarine through dangerous waters. Find someone in your community with a second Gear VR to join up on the same wifi network, and be ready to holler “guns aimed”, “slow down, that’s a rock!”, and of course, “FIRE TORPEDO”! It’s a hilariously good […]