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360 MEA – 360° VideoVR Player

360 MEA – 360° VideoVR Player

360 MEA 2View 360 degrees innovative videos of latest events, exclusive properties, amazing destinations and virtually living with the needed people. This app will let you Emerge Into Reality with a new 360 video experience. 360 MEA is an innovative video player for playing 360 degrees immersive videos. You will engage with the panoramic videos and control what you want to see of each angle in the video by the movement of your hand or the touch of your finger. You will have access to latest events happening in the world specifically in the Middle East and Africa region and exclusive luxurious real estate properties for sale and rent. Not to forget the amazing experiences and hot spot destinations that we will be showing you in 360 degrees videos. You can for example see top destinations in Dubai or Saudi Arabia in a 360 degrees angle video. You can watch Embedded 360 degree videos or upload your own 360 degree video. You can connect the application to a VR mobile monitor and view all 360 videos  This app has the support of Gyroscope , which will help in navigating through the video with moving your device in any direction.


View all 360 degree angles of 360 videos
Share 360 videos directly to Facebook and Twitter to amaze people
Watch Embedded 360 degree videos or upload your own 360 degree video

[symple_youtube id=”pg2m6EkIt84″]


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