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Campaign site: http://www.cigr.co.jp/pj/hako/
It reaches to be the apartment of document request, the model room of the bridge new condominiums in the “Initiative Natsumi Funabashi” in cardboard VR kit and smartphone you can experience in the virtual space.

■ About This App
And I just want a little look at the atmosphere, model room with a difficult to enter the casual image.
The app to solve your worries at the time of such purchase apartments, and cosmos initiatives to pursue the residence building of the next generation, ultra technologist collective team lab development.
Even while at home, guests experience the model room of the new condominiums “Initiative Natsumi Funabashi” of the bridge spanning the virtual space of 360 degrees.

■ How to use app
“Model room”, “view”, “Mansion Gallery in the lounge.”
You can experience these three types of space.
If you have a cardboard of experience kit, please use the following procedure.
Assemble 1) Jaco condominium VR experience kit
Install the 2) Jaco apartment VR application to smartphone
3) set the smartphone in the box apartment VR experience kit
4) Move the point of view, experience the virtual space that extends to 360 degrees

■ Notes
In the case of the following, please refrain from the use. Also, we can not assume responsibility for the trouble, such as an accident or failure of during use. Please note.
• If there is a possibility that the strike of the surrounding people and objects
· Physical condition and when the mood is not good
– Such as 3D sickness during use, if you feel a change in the physical condition

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