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VR Golf Online

VR Golf Online

When Golf meets the limitless possibilities of Virtual Reality, the green is only inches away! Practice your swing and develop your techniques to improve your handicap. Step onto one of the 36 realistic holes, with additional courses planned for the near future.

[appbox steam 575540]

Robbert Hi, I’m Robbert, I love to share my passion for virtual reality and games with everyone. I make video's and post the latest news, games and apps on VRBites.com and YouTube. You can check out my channel on http://www.YouTube.com/ClassicGamerNL. Thank you for reading my post! Love to hear what you think and I hope to see you back.


  1. I picked this one early-on. It looks fun but originally you couldn’t position yourself in roomscale relative to the tee.

    eg: The tee was always dead-center in your roomscale. This meant taking a swing could risk swinging at the wall.

    Apparently it’s been fixed in one of the latest patches so I’ll have to get back in and try it again.


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