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VR Bearclaw’s Forge Cardboard

VR Bearclaw’s Forge Cardboard

Another beautiful day in Riverton, and for Bearclaw, it’s another day to prepare for war. It seems inevitable. Peace can lull your tribe into a sense of security. He should know. When he was a lad, he was apprenticing with his father as word came down that the Darkbeard Tribe was on the move. The town was unprepared, and there was great loss… Bearclaw relives that fight again and again, and has dedicated his life to the preservation of his town. He wants to save them from the loss he felt… and he does… one blade at a time.

Bearclaw feels a longing for his youth and you can hear the mournful music that comes with this sadness. In the background, you can hear the sounds of battle, from his past… and his future. Are you ready to become his apprentice?

Robbert Hi, I’m Robbert, I love to share my passion for virtual reality and games with everyone. I make video's and post the latest news, games and apps on VRBites.com and YouTube. You can check out my channel on http://www.YouTube.com/ClassicGamerNL. Thank you for reading my post! Love to hear what you think and I hope to see you back.


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